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6 Ways: Design & Innovation Can Impact Toy Businesses

Toy Designer Suhasini Paul at her Studio

1. Good Design Makes The Brand Catchy & Notable 

It has become crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves in their domain. Good design can be achieved using beautiful shapes, attractive colors, ergonomic forms, subtle textures, in a balanced way. Responsible and Good Design makes toys safe, playful and attractive. Good design delights consumers, thus making a toy brand irresistible to buy, catchy and eventually making the toy brand memorable. 

2. Good Design Generates Good Revenues.

Good design improves sales and make the business more profitable. It helps generating good revenues by building consumer's trust and making the toy brand more engaging. It gives tools to help companies sell their toys confidently and explain why their toys should be bought. 

3. Design Helps To Make the Toy Brand Consumer Savvy

Consumers are more likely to choose the brand which meets their needs more effectively. Well designed toys with good user experiences makes a good reputation for the toy brand and gives users seamless, enjoyable play experience making the brand consumer savvy. 

4. Design Makes Toys User Centric

Consumers demand a lot from the toys they play with, hence it's important to start designing for consumers to build a lovable brand. Design research, user study and deep diving into the insights helps to understand consumer needs better and leads to designing user centric toys. 

5. Good Design Makes Toy Brands Stand Out From the Counterparts

Design gives toy brands a competitive edge and makes it stand out. Well designed toy helps toy brands to sell better and emerge from the crowd. Many a times customers choose some particular toys because they believe that they are getting high quality toys at justified price. Consumers enjoy experiencing something new and something which looks really attractive, design is a tool which makes toys look good and feel safer to play with. 

6. Design helps motivates customers to take action and buy.

Well designed toys make sure that the consumers find them intuitive to use, hence helping them in decision making to buy those toys. When the brand stand out from others and gives a feeling to the consumer that the toys belong to their world, emotional attachment leads to the wish to possess it and motivates them further to acquire it. Design plays a major role in forming consumer's interests and desire. Good Design inevitably motivates customers to take actions to buy toys.

Design is an investment (not an expense!) to make a toy brand successful and to grow the toy businesses. So, get some good design for your business and see how it magically transforms your product line and generates more revenues. At Paul Studio, our intent is to entice consumers & get cheer for toys that we design for your brand. We inject the design DNA in your toys which will indeed help you to go miles ahead!


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