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My Puzzle Cubes

This six-sided block puzzle is perfect for young hands and minds. As kids piece together this three-dimensional puzzle they'll learn about their favorite animals, birds while also enhancing their motor and problem-solving skills.It has 9 printed wooden blocks, each cube block is printed on each side and it has a stand to stack the cube blocks. It can show 3 images, 1 number set and 2 colors sets after correct method.  It is just for kids older than 2 years and offers different types of play for different ages. First, it provides stacking fun for 2 years -old and then few months later, older toddlers can match the color and stack the cubes. It has got 5 levels of difficulties: first level is stacking with color matching. Second level is arranging 1 to 9 numbers; third level is to create different scenes vertically by stacking the cubes. From here onward difficulty level increases by adding more elements in the drawing. When child grows, this toy grows with him too. Launched : Hong Kong Toy Fair, 2013

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