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Kizoo Characters were designed as an extension of the brand identity. The idea was to engage kids with lovable, cute monsters which could be translated into toy, merchandise and animation film, thus creating a imaginary KIZOOWORLD - the most beautiful habitat, an island on the planet Earth, it has balance of both nature and technology.  KIZOO Monsters were created by Toy designer Suhasini Paul who doodled her ideas of this magical world while flying on a jet plane! She thought up the character's names, features and gave them super-powers which were inspired by children’s aspirations! These characters are protected under the Copyright Act, Government of India.

Meet KIZOO Monsters!


KIKY is a mischievous, cute, and naughty monster with a playful personality. This pink-colored creature has two turquoise horns and a mischievous expression with three bumps on its back, making it a unique and adorable monster. Kiky likes to do things its own way and has higher energy levels, which makes it always on the move to look for opportunities to play pranks on others. Its favorite hobby is to click pictures of people caught in the act while it is pulling off its harmless tricks. Kiky also has a superpower of doing magic tricks, making it even more mischievous and fun-loving.


ISAAC, the purple coloured cute monster with green horns and a thinking expression who is always seen wearing a pair of spectacles and carrying a backpack full of books. Issac is a bookworm who loves to read and collect books. With a highly intelligent and wise personality, Issac is caring and attentive to others. As a monster, Issac possesses the unique ability to spell any word in 10 seconds. With all the answers to your questions, Issac is a knowledgeable and sharp monster who is highly indulged in books and nothing comes in its way of reading. If you need any information, Issac is the monster to seek out.


ZIBBY is the youngest, a small, cute turquoise baby monster with little horns and two green wings that allow it to fly. Zibby is always in awe and is known for its innocent and extremely imaginative personality. It loves daydreaming, asking silly questions, talking to strangers, and eating food. Zibby is a joy-chaser, optimistic, and naïve child who seeks safety and is a bit dependent. Its hobbies include dreaming and playing with friends, and its superpower is the ability to fly.


OZZY is the most spirited, cute and quirky monster with an orange physique, purple hair, and a tiny tail. Ozzy is a happy, fun-loving creature with a humorous personality, always wearing bold eyewear and a happy expression. Its witty remarks and ability to spread laughter make it a charming and entertaining companion. Ozzy's playful spirit is fond of music and dance, carrying a music player wherever it goes. With its superpower to dance to any beat, Ozzy always knows how to get the party started!


OLIV is the most curious, cute green monster with a funky hairdo, a tail and a curious expression on its face. Oliv is a natural explorer, a travel bug with a torch in hand, always ready to interact with and discover new things. It is a creative, bold and courageous adventurer who seeks knowledge and is constantly on the move. As an individualist and quester, Oliv's hobbies include exploring new places and things. Additionally, Oliv has the superpower to see through things.

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