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Kizoo is a multi disciplinary brand for kids, currently selling ice creams for the age group of 5 to16 years. They approached us to create their branding and identity which is future ready for various products for kids. The logo which we have designed looks premium at the same time feels accessible for kids. The colour pallet of the logo has been designed to match kid's colour preferences. This logo has been granted with Trademark by Government of India.

The logo is an amalgamation of an abstraction of Monster and a kids friendly soft word mark. The clarity of letters will attract consumers instantly and will help them connect with the brand.



Kizoo Identity by suhasini paul 022a copy.jpg

Multiple colour logo tend to convey that the brand is playful, fun and also multi-disciplinary. Colourful palettes have been used to communicate a sense of playfulness, openness, informality, diversity and creativity. It has a universal appeal and can be used in various children's products as they have a child-like, playful feel which is fun and easy-going for various age groups. 

Kizoo Identity by suhasini paul 03 copy.jpg

Different applications of the logo in stationery, signage and other merchandise.

We have designed their website and communication graphics for other online and offline selling platforms.

swiggy kizoo for website.jpg
poster kizoo copy.jpg
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