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Ice Cream Parlor

This small ice cream shop has a box with acrylic lid to keep the ice cream scoops which acts as a freezer/cold storage, a place to store cones, a place to display cone with ice cream as well as ice cream bars. It has lots of pieces for several children to play together. Includes 6 magnetic scoops of ice cream, 4 cones, 5 ice cream bars and 1 scooper (magnetic). Child will pick up and stack different "flavours" of ice cream onto wooden cones. Ice Cream Scoops come in five varieties: vanilla, chocolate, pistachios, mango and strawberry. Ice Cream bars come in five varieties: chocolate bar, strawberry-chocolate bar, orange candy bar, mango-orange candy bar, raspberry-strawberry candy bar. The Ice Cream Set boosts children's social skills while role playing with their peers/siblings. Lots of Accessories have been designed make play more realistic and encourages imaginative play. While playing with this ice cream parlor toy they will develop hand-eye coordination and cooperation skills. Launched : Hong Kong Toy Fair, 2014. Client Location: Thailand

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